Hi, I'm Jamie!

It's so nice to meet you

Hi there! I'm Jamie.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, my clinical training is in seeing you as a person who is a part of many systems. That might include your family and relationships, but it also includes things like your cultural and religious backgrounds, your communities, and the institutions in which you are involved or which have been a part of your journey. This means that I am interested in meeting and working with you as a full, complicated person involved in many contexts to understand both your inner and external worlds and how you fit into them. 

I often work with people going through transitions. This may be something specific, like a change in relationship status, a job or career change, a change in spirituality, or a loss; or something very general, like a sense of feeling stuck or aimless, a desire to explore one's self or relationship(s) further, or an ambiguous feeling that something isn't quite right or desire to change something. I have worked with creatives, academics, and a diverse array of professionals from law to tech to healthcare to government and beyond. I particularly love working with couples (and other relationships) around a variety of concerns, and individuals seeking deeper, more meaningful experiences in therapy beyond the behavioral approaches which have become so common.

My clinical approach is integrative and flexible, but a few key values ground my work: first, I am oriented towards a feminist, secular, social justice framework. I am inclusive and affirming in my approach with my clients and accept them as they come. I believe in exploring who we are safely requires the ability to show up fully as ourselves - or to learn how to do so - without fear of being too much, too big, not enough, etc, and to foster a sense of belonging. I work with people from all backgrounds and am committed to showing up for my clients to be wholly honest about who they are. Second, my approach is psychodynamic and systemic. That means that I am concerned with both your inner and external worlds and how they have developed over - and even before - your lifetime, and how that shaping has impacted you in ways that are helpful or which may no longer be serving you well. Lastly, I am committed to maintaining a confidential and ethical clinical space. Unfortunately, many of my clients have experienced ethical breaches by those entrusted with their care. I am always working to ensure that my own work is focused on YOU and your needs, and on maintaining your confidentiality.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Washington DC, Virginia, Georgia, and New York

Master of Family Therapy (MFT), Mercer University School of Medicine

Certificate in Psychoanalysis, Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute

Psychoanalytic Candidate, Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis